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Consider arriving a day early, staying a day longer or spending the whole weekend at the Franciscan Spirituality Center.
Please call to inquire about room availability (608-791-5295).
A 'Full' has only 1 guest in room and is priced per person.
All bedrooms are initially scheduled as 'Full' occupancy. However, the FSC does have a few 'double' occupancy rooms. Please call for more information.
FSC bedrooms are a mixture of hall (or central) baths, connected baths and a few private baths.
Registration Information
Payment is due at the time of registration. If 'Deposit Only' option is available, then the balance is due 2 weeks before start of the event.
Refund Policy
If you cancel more than 48 hours before the start of the event we will refund your money less any non-refundable deposit, if applicable. Less than 48 hours, refunds are not available.
Financial Assistance
If you would like to attend an event but cannot manage the entire investment, please call Laurie Swan, FSC Office Manager, at 608-791-5279. We are committed to serving everyone on their spiritual journey and will hold your request in confidence.
February 2018 : Event Details
Fri, Feb 23 - 7:00pm
Sat, Feb 24 - 4:00pm
Sharon Lukert
Living Fully: What Mortality Can Teach Us
Workshop based on work by Atul Gawande and Pema Chödrön
Sharon Lukert

What lessons can we learn about living a full and happy life by reflecting on illness, aging and death? We will delve into the impacts of modern living on how we age and die; explore open questions raised by our very mortality; and provide guided meditations to prepare for life’s transitions large and small. This workshop is based on the book Being Mortal by Atul Gawande and teachings by Pema Chödrön on death and dying.
• Full: $140, includes retreat, all meals and bedroom
• Commuter: $95, includes retreat and lunch on Saturday

Registration Fees
$95.00 Commuter
$140.00 Full (None Available)
Program Code: 18SON00427
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